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Sudah lama jauh dari dunia menulis (yang populis)

Sepertinya sangat sayang jika sudah memiliki nama blog yang cool abis, tapi jarang digunakan untuk menulis.

Pada dasarnya saya masih suka menulis, dari menulis status hingga menulis suatu laporan penelitian dan lain sebagainya. Namun hobi menulis di koran sudah lama tidak dilakukan. Bahkan menulis di Blog ini tidak pernah juga dilakukan. Hmmm sebenarnya itu karena dari dulu hampir tidak pernah menulis di Blog. Kebanyakan tulisan di Blog ini, saya ambil dari tulisan-tulisan saya di koran ataupun tulisan-tulisan dek Gita tentang saya. hehee..

Membosankan ya membaca tulisan ini. Hahahhay…

Pada dasarnya saya hanya ingin menyatakan bahwa Blog ini kembali bangkit dari mati syuri dan akan lebih produktif untuk menjadi media yang baik untuk menyampaikan banyak hal.

Het recht hink achter de feiten aan.. hukum itu akan selalu tertinggal di belakang zaman.. Namun, hatiku tak akan pernah tertinggal oleh cinta kita babe..


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and now i have met you, yes! (note: sing in “havent met you yet by michael buble” tone)

Writen by Gita Kirana SP


I heard some good songs these days during those office presentation things. I always love Michael Buble song, especially the famous one, “Havent Met You Yet”. A good song I think, i love the way the song’s writer ensure himself that his future love is gonna be great , what a confidence 😀

Anyway, i really into this song, really explain my feelings to the one who i really love now 😀 i have made a lot of stupid things in the past, my life went much more than a drama, and everything seemed not in the right place. But then i prayed, i believed (one thing that i believe is ” i just haven’t met you yet” thing) and i try to make it worked, i’m sure that my life is gonna be amazing, in every way 😀 and then he “pop out” and The Almighty made one by one is started to be great 😀


Well, i dedicated this song to “mas ku”, he who always be there when i was so deadly depressed when i was looking for a job, when i need his opinion in taking the opportunities or not, when i have to chose something important and even not important, when i didnt believe in myself, when i felt so damn retarded. He always there in my every happiness and sadness 😀


It’s not easy what we both have been through. We have a lot of problems, many obstacles. Either it’s from inside or outside of our commitment’s circle. But like Michael Buble’s says: “ we tried so very hard not to lose it, we came up with a million excuses, we thought, we thought of every possibility” 😀


But i have to twist the lyric a little bit to fit in my condition 😀 i have highlighted them in bold so we can see the differences 😀


Here it goes:

I’m not surprised,

not everything lasts 

I’ve broken my heart so many times,

I stopped keeping track


Talk myself in,

I talk myself out

I get all worked up,

then I let myself down


“I tried so very hard not to lose it

I came up with a million excuses


I thought, I thought of every possibility



And I know someday that it all turn out

You make me work, so we can work to work it out

 And I promise you, kid, that I give so much more than I get

And now i have met you, yes!


“I might have to wait,

I’ll never give up


I guess it’s half timing,

and the other half’s luck

*somehow i feel this part is really me! Good timing pluses some luckiness and some courage and here we are 😀*


“Wherever you are, whenever it’s right *australiii mana suaranyaaaaa*

 You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life” *he did come out of nowhere, that job fair in July was a turning point*


“And I know that we can be so amazing

And, baby, your love is really change me


And now I can see every possibility


“And somehow I know that it all turn out

You make me work, so we can work to work it out

 And I promise you, kid, I give so much more than I get

And now i have met you, yes!


“They say all’s fair In love and war

But I won’t need to fight it


We get it right and we are united!


this is the real song’s link:


from original source

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